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Le tramway du Mont-Blanc, qui relie Le Fayet au Nid d’Aigle, va faire peu neuve. Les responsables du département et de la CMB ont récemment dévoilé les premières images du train dans sa version rajeunie. Voir vidéo French teacher Geneva with French Lessons in Geneva

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How is Life in Switzerland? Wondering how is life in Switzerland? Find an honest opinion on life in Switzerland along with some statistical facts in the blog post here! Visit French Lessons Geneva here.

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Learn French. Learning French While Living in France is Easy. Wrong! What? You’ve been living in France for five years? And you still don’t speak French fluently?People usually assume that because you live in France, learning French is going to be easy. The reality is unfortunately quite different. Read more… Learn French with French Lessons…
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The challenges and pleasures of teaching and learning in a foreign language…Helpful ideas for foreign students. Learn French in Geneva with French Lessons in Geneva